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About Geneses Medical

About Geneses Medical: Our Vision, mission statement & values

We are a group of experts in the medical field joining forces to better serve healthcare providers and their patients in these challenging times. We bring together more than 40 years of expertise in healthcare delivery, supply management and medical technology. We have deep expertise in managing and operating hospitals and health clinics, which provides us with an excellent understanding of the medical supply chain and its nuances. Together with our affiliated parties, we have been procuring and distributing medical devices, medical equipment, medical supplies, and medical furniture for clients from the US to South-East Asia, to Europe, and Africa. Over the years, the catalogue of products has grown from gloves to highly sophisticated equipment for operating theatres and ICU’s. Our forces combined, we have served over 200 hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres. 

Geneses Medical is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the global leading provider of high value, certified medical products which have a high social impact.

Mission statement

Unleashing the impact of a globally distributed, highly skilled team with a focus on quality and reliability to meet appropriate price points, aligned with our clients’ needs, to create long lasting relationships. 

Our values

  • Create customer partnerships: think with the client to develop reasonable solutions that suit their needs
  • Holistic innovative solutions driven: looking at a product portfolio to create new combinations that deliver true solutions to the customer 
  • Provide transparent information: for each solution clearly show all aspects enabling the customer to make an informed choice
  • Deliver quality accountability: ensuring each and every product meets all the safety, regulatory and quality requirements
  • Striving for constant improvement: constantly looking to improve the product process to bring down costs, facilitate the solution, without compromising quality
  • Open to the new: the team listens to each other and takes in various trends, medical developments and insights on an ongoing basis

Meet the Team

Simanta Das

Founder & Chairman

Simanta Das, a particle physicist by training, is constantly looking for long term sustainable solutions in the healthcare space. He is founder and chairman of Ayursundra, a low cost, high quality healthcare delivery system in India, and the founder of the healthcare investments fund Rising Stars. Simanta also set up and manages Stalhmarg, a Healthcare and Technology services company.

Hans Jakop Burkens

CEO & MD Europe

Having worked for different global companies, Hans Jakop gathered extensive knowledge and experience in executive sales, supply chain and digital transformation management. He has set up businesses in Europe and the Middle East, transformed sales and customer service teams, and designed and implemented digital platforms for a wide range of products. Hans Jakop holds a master's degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Mrig Dhawan

MD South-East Asia

Over the last 10 years, Mrig has developed a rich experience in designing and equipping major hospitals in India. He has extensive expertise in healthcare equipment brand development and helped establish new medical brands in the North-East of India with a population of 45 million people. Recently, he successfully designed India’s first Indian Full Glass Modular OT. Mrig holds an engineering degree and is based out of India.

Stephen Joslyn

MD North-America

Trained in biology and business, Stephen moved into the health insurance industry, soon to be followed by a focus on finance and trade. Stephen set up his own trading firm and served on the boards of the Mid-America Committee and Redbridge, an investment banking group. Stephen spent over 15 years in various management positions within the Pharmacy Benefit Management space, focused on growing the Specialty Pharmacy market.

Severien Burkens

Senior Principal Communications, Legal & Processes

Severien is a senior principal with Stalhmarg, focused on strategy and communications within the healthcare sector. Prior to Stalhmarg, Severien worked with ABN AMRO in several healthcare and strategy advisory functions. She is one of the founding members of Ayursundra, a healthcare provider in North-East India. Severien holds a master’s degree in law and a Msc. in history from the University of Amsterdam.

Evangelos Pappas

Scientific Advisor

Evangelos is founder and Chief Scientific Officer of RTsafe, a medical technology company that enhances safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. Specialised in Medical Physics and BioMedical Engineering, Evangelos is an Associate Professor of radiotherapy medical physics at the University of West Attica, Greece, and a research associate at UT Health San Antonio, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Seife Yohannes

MD, Director East-Africa

Dr. Yohannes is an attending physician, practicing high acuity critical care at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC. He is a specialist in Critical Care Medicine with a distinct focus on the use of technology to improve patient outcomes. Always looking for new developments, Dr. Yohannes is affiliated with Georgetown University’s Medicine department and additionally board certified in neurocritical care and infectious diseases.

Maarten Scholten

Legal Counsel

Having worked as a lawyer for several years in Amsterdam and New York, Maarten spent two decades in senior and executive positions at Schlumberger Ltd.. As of 2014, Maarten was Senior-Vice President of the General Counsel of Total in Paris, and a member of its management team. Currently, next to Geneses Medical, Maarten acts as advisor and board member of several companies in the energy, medical and IT sectors.

Geneses Medical is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam. Over the last 15 years, Geneses Medical and its affiliated parties have been procuring and supplying medical devices, medical equipment, medical supplies, and medical furniture. The catalogue of products has grown from gloves and gowns to highly sophisticated equipment for operating theatres and ICU’s. Geneses Medical brings together more than 40 years of expertise in procurement and distribution across the medical supply chain, serving clients from the US to South-East Asia, to Europe, and Africa. We have served over 200 hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.